Walnut Creek Intermediate School

Modernization, renovation, and one addition to the existing buildings and portables, as well as improvements to the school’s plazas and recreational spaces and relocation/removal of some of the parking spaces. Buildings 100, 150, 200, 400 and 600 will undergo extensive interior renovations and some exterior alterations by converting 5 of the 12 classrooms to office use in Building 100. Building 150 will be converted from the admiration space into two SDC classrooms with restroom and attached offices. Building 200 will convert three of the 12 classrooms into science labs. Building 400 will make extensive interior renovations and the removal of one appendage to the building. Building 600 will include an addition to the building. The remaining building 300, Library, Modular Building and portables will undergo interior modernizations with new fixtures, ceiling tiles and interior finishes. Exterior improvements and expansion of the school’s plazas, and recreational spaces will be included in the modernization.

Terra Linda High School New Gymnasium

New construction of a 18,522sf competition gymnasium. Work includes demolition of the existing cafeteria and kitchen building and associated site work. Additional work includes the renovation and reconfiguration of the campus frontage to support the new building and site entry/exit. Frontage improvements from the north entry to the beginning of the student parking, and adjacent to the football field.

San Marin High School Performing Arts Center & STEM Building

STEM – The new STEM building will consist of a single-story, 24-foot-high building and associated improvements including a courtyard, outdoor project area, and landscaping. The building will be approx. 18,466sf. There will be ten classroom/labs, and three tables to create an additional outdoor classroom space to accommodate 320 students.
PAC – The new single-story performing arts center will be 1,545sf. larger than the existing PAC. It will contain a total of 8,010sf.of usable space with seating or 217 auditorium guests.

Stanley Middle & Burton Valley Elementary Modernization(s)

Burton – Alteration of an existing building including remodeling four classrooms into three kindergarten classrooms, reconstruction of existing space into three accessible single-accommodation toilets, and changing finishes at the classrooms. Project also includes alteration of the exiting site paving for ADA compliance.

Stanley – Remodeling of existing buildings and admin offices, changing the finishes at the classrooms. Reconstructing multiple restrooms to correct accessibility issues. Performing fire alarm upgrades to campus system. Project also includes alteration of the exiting site paving for ADA compliance and correcting accessibility issues.

Terra Linda High School Student Commons

Construction of a new two-story building consisting of cafeteria, kitchen, library, classrooms, and a theater. The fully sprinklered 33,000sf. Building will be type II-B steel braced frame construction with metal stud walls. The site work will include a new plaza between the new building and the existing structures.

Harder Elementary School

New construction of an elementary school campus including permanent buildings, modular building installation, sitework, landscaping, and new play yards.

Mariano Castro/Gabriela Mistral Dual Immersion School Phase 4

Selective demolition and interior modernization to existing classrooms.

Mariano Castro/Gabriela Mistral Dual Immersion School Phase 3

Renovation of 16 classrooms, ADA upgrades to 3 existing restrooms and the remodel to a staff restroom. Work conducted over the summer break.

Latimer Elementary School Modernization Phase 3

This project included the remodeling of the existing locker room facilities, remodeling of an existing classroom, the relocation of an existing portable classroom, installation of new modular buildings, and construction of a new court yard (including all underground utilities). We also reconfigured the existing parking lot and installed new outside basketball courts (including site furnishings).

Latimer Elementary School Phase 2

Project consisted of upgrades to individual classrooms in six (6) buildings. Technology and audio-visual upgrades, installation of skylights, ADA upgrades, flooring replacement, repainting of building interiors, and installation of tackable wall panels.

Graham Middle School Auditorium

Construction of a new 14,000sf. middle school auditorium. Scope included building demolition, underground utilities and grading for the new building before new construction began. Coordination included multiple container storage onsite for long lead, as well as specialty and custom manufactured equipment and materials that were imperative to maintaining the aggressive schedule.

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Graham Middle School Modernization Phase 2

Demolition of existing 18,000sf. building, and site preparation for future construction of two-story classroom and multi-use building.  Scope included underground utilities and grading for future pad construction.

Graham Middle School Two-Story Classroom

Construction of a new two-story 11,000sf. classroom building with six classrooms that share a collaboration space through folding glass walls, and a flexible library/student lounge space with a covered patio.

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Crittenden Middle School New Auditorium & Library

Construction of a new two-story building housing the library and auditorium. Scheduling with three additional surrounding construction phases throughout the project schedule proved to be essential to this fast paced project. We made the decision to integrate two superintendents during the heavy civil work to ensure the building was remaining ahead of schedule. Additionally, we installed a scaffold dance floor in the main seating area of the theater ahead of schedule to accelerate the overhead MEP installations.

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Hall Middle School Modernization

Modernization to the existing library building and modernization to three (3) existing classroom buildings. Work included new flooring and lighting, as well as upgrades to the plumbing system, associated site work and landscaping.