OUR VISION Building new institutions of learning, and restoring existing structures of integrity, through reliable and honest workmanship

Founded in 2007, BHM Construction was built on the foundational values of hard work, honesty and a commitment to quality. Specializing in school and historical renovations, we pride ourselves on our ability to successfully complete projects on challenging and fast-paced schedules while maintaining impeccable attention to detail. Our company has flourished due to our capacity to complete excellent work on time and under budget.

Located in Napa, California, BHM Construction performs predominantly public works projects in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Our company benefits from the fact that its co-owners have worked together since 1992 and have 50 years of combined experience. In fact, the vast majority of the BHM senior staff has been working together on projects since the mid 1990s, bringing a synchrony to the field operations and project management.

The end result of our many years of experience and established working relationships is the high degree of professionalism and outstanding commitment to productivity that BHM brings to every project. Our goal is to enhance the communities in which we work by constructing and improving upon buildings that serve a purpose to the citizenry. From large projects to small, we apply the wealth of our experience to work responsibly and fairly in order to gain the most positive outcome possible from our work.