Alviso Adobe Renovation

The Alviso Adobe Renovation, located in Milpitas, is the rebuilding of a historic rancho built in the 1800s. Our work includes replicating the historic buildings and converting the site into a public park. Additionally, this historical landmark is an archeologically monitored site.

Hamilton Pool

The Hamilton Pool project, located in Novato, is a renovation of the original pool and bath house for the Officer’s Club of the Hamilton Air Force Base built in 1936. Our work included replacement of the pool, restoration of the original unreinforced stone retaining wall, removal of the stone chimney, incorporating the material into a new accessible ramp, and installation of new retaining walls to protect original landscape.
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California Theatre

Built in 1920, the Beaux-Arts style building and building marquee have been landmarks for the City of Pittsburg for the past ninety years. In June of 2010, our company began an extensive seismic retrofit and /modernization. Our work included building concrete shearwalls, seismic strengthening of framing, wood window restoration, preservation and re-painting of unreinforced brick masonry, and rehabilitation of decorative precast sculptures.
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Fort Ross Fur Warehouse

This project, located in Fort Ross, CA, consisted of the recreation of a fur warehouse built by the Russian Tsarist regime in the early 1800s. Our company built a replica of the historic fur warehouse building entirely out of redwood timber. We implemented historic joinery and finishes.
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Berkeley North Branch Library

This branch of the Public Library, located in Berkeley, CA, was built in 1936 in the California Spanish style. Our company constructed a new addition for this historic branch of the library and also renovated the existing historic building. The project was completed within the parameters of the challenging ten month schedule and no damage was done to the existing building.
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Belvedere City Council Chamber

This project, located in Belvedere, CA, is a renovation of the historic building utilized by the Belvedere City Council. The building was originally built in 1914 and served as a Presbyterian Church. Our work on the renovation included ADA upgrades, restoration of original interior woodwork, rehabilitation of original window hardware, as well as new architectural wood work and mill work.
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